What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of Ruby?

Rubies are precious red gemstones that have been prized for their beauty and metaphysical properties for thousands of years. In this article, we will explore the rich history, cultural symbolism, and spiritual meaning behind rubies. From their role in ancient mythologies to their use in spiritual practices today, rubies have long been associated with qualities like passion, prosperity, protection, and more.

By understanding the deep symbolic roots and esoteric associations of the ruby, we can better appreciate the enduring allure and mystique of this vivid red gem. Whether as a talisman, adornment, or object of devotion, the ruby has accrued layers of meaning that speak to humanity’s fascination with precious stones as conduits of mystical power. Our goal here is to uncover the origins and unravel the various facets of the ruby’s spiritual symbolism and significance.

History and Origins

Spiritual Meaning Of Ruby

The history of ruby dates back thousands of years. Rubies have been treasured across many ancient cultures for their beauty and rarity. The word “ruby” comes from the Latin word “ruber” meaning red. Rubies were considered the most valuable gemstones in ancient times, even more precious than diamonds.

Rubies have been mined for over 2,500 years. Some of the earliest known ruby mines were in Sri Lanka, where rubies were mined as early as 500 BC. Burma (Myanmar) also became an important source of rubies centuries ago. The famous Mogok mines in Upper Burma produced exceptional pigeon blood rubies. Other ancient sources of ruby included Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and Tanzania.

For centuries, rubies were considered to be the same mineral as red spinels, red garnets, and red tourmalines. It wasn’t until 1800 that rubies were recognized as a variety of the mineral corundum, which also includes sapphires. Prior to this discovery, red spinel was often mistaken for ruby (Ruby). True rubies have become increasingly rare and valuable over time. The best color and quality rubies continue to fetch extremely high prices at auction today.

Ruby in Ancient Cultures

Rubies have been treasured in many ancient cultures around the world, particularly in Asia. In India, rubies were considered the “king of gems” and were associated with royalty, power, and wealth. Ancient Hindu texts describe rubies as a sacred stone that was offered to the god Krishna. The color red was symbolic of vitality and strength in Indian culture, so rubies were highly prized.

In China, rubies were thought to bring good fortune, peace, and abundance. Chinese nobles and emperors coveted fine Burmese rubies and used them in ceremonial jewelry and garments. The Chinese also believed rubies had protective powers and would ward off misfortune.

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The Egyptians valued rubies more than any other gemstone. They called rubies the “gem of gems” and associated them with life and health. Rubies were buried with pharaohs as it was believed their vital energy would grant eternal life. Ancient Egyptian ruby jewelry has been found dating back to the 2nd century BC.

Overall, rubies were prized across many ancient Asian and Middle Eastern cultures as symbols of nobility, vitality, and divine protection. Their beautiful red hue evoked passion, courage, and emotion across many ancient civilizations.

Ruby Symbolism

Ruby Crystal Meaning

Rubies have long been associated with symbolic meanings related to love, passion, and courage. In many cultures, the ruby is seen as a stone of love, passion, and vitality. Its deep red color is thought to represent the burning flame of love and passion. Rubies were believed to ignite feelings of romance and desire.

The ruby has also symbolized courage and bravery across cultures. Ancient warriors believed rubies bestowed invincibility and strength on the battlefield. Rubies were thought to protect soldiers and ensure victory. The ruby’s deep red color resembled blood and was seen as a symbol of courage and sacrifice.

In astrology, the ruby is associated with the sun, and represents qualities like charisma, leadership, and motivation. The ruby’s symbolic meanings of passion and courage resonate with the qualities associated with the sun in astrology. Overall, the ruby has enduring symbolic meanings related to vitality, strength, passion for life, and matters of the heart.

Ruby in Religion

Rubies have long held religious significance across many faiths. In Hinduism, rubies were divided into a caste system, with the pure red stones called “Brahmin” rubies and believed to impart advantages like perfect knowledge and invulnerability (GIA). Buddhists believed the ruby could elongate life and promote good health.

In Christianity, the ruby symbolized the blood of Christ and his sacrifice on the cross. The deep red color was seen as representing Christ’s passion and suffering. Rubies were also thought to hold protective powers and be symbolic of love and passion.

Overall, the ruby has long been revered across faiths for its rich color and associations with knowledge, protection, passion, and sacrifice. The stone’s deep hues made it a prime symbol for religious concepts like Christ’s blood and sacrifice as well as the passion of faith.

Ruby and Chakras

Ruby is strongly associated with the root chakra due to its deep red color. The root chakra, or muladhara, is located at the base of the spine and controls feelings of safety and survival. Ruby is believed to stimulate the root chakra, clearing energy blocks and encouraging a grounded, stable foundation.

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When the root chakra is blocked or unbalanced, it can manifest as anxiety, fear, or a lack of self-confidence. By activating and aligning this chakra, ruby promotes vitality, courage, and a sense of security within oneself and the physical world. Its vibrant red rays are thought to eliminate negative traces that may be obstructing the root chakra.

In healing, ruby is often placed directly on the root chakra during chakra clearing sessions. The steady pulsations of its energy resonate with the 4 to 6 hertz frequency of the root chakra. This stimulation is believed to amplify and restore the chakra’s innate power. With consistent ruby healing, the root chakra is aligned and energized, allowing positive energy to flow through the entire chakra system.

Ruby in Astrology

Spiritual Meaning Of Ruby Crystal

Ruby is strongly associated with the sun in Vedic astrology and considered an auspicious gemstone for Leos and Sagittarians. The sun rules Leo, making ruby an ideal talisman for those born under this fire sign. As the stone of the sun, ruby can help Leos channel their innate creativity, vitality, and leadership abilities. Sagittarius is also ruled by the sun’s element of fire. For Sagittarians, ruby is believed to amplify optimism, enthusiasm, and generosity – traits associated with this mutable fire sign.

Wearing ruby is said to have numerous benefits for Leos and Sagittarians. Astrologically, ruby can boost vitality, confidence, and success for these two sun-ruled signs. As the king of gemstones, the vibrant red ruby represents royalty and nobility. For Leos and Sagittarians, this royal gem can help actualize their highest potential. Ruby is also thought to stimulate creativity and passion in those ruled by the sun.

By channeling the sun’s fiery energy, ruby can inspire newfound inspiration, courage, and determination in Leos and Sagittarians. With its energizing and empowering solar influence, ruby is an auspicious talisman for those seeking to amplify their innate gifts and strengths.

Ruby in Feng Shui

According to feng shui principles, ruby is associated with the fire element and the south bagua area. Placing rubies in the south activates passion, romance, and success. The vibrant red color of ruby stimulates the 2nd chakra, which governs sexuality and creativity. Ruby energizes this area of the home or office, making it ideal for the bedroom or areas where you want to enhance romance and intimacy.

In feng shui, ruby is considered an abundance stone that attracts prosperity. Positioning rubies in the southeast and south bagua zones activates success and fame energy. The ruby’s deep red color also symbolizes the heart’s blood, making it a stone of vitality and vigor. For these reasons, rubies make an excellent feng shui cure for the south areas to enhance love relationships, sex appeal, fertility, passion, joy, motivation, and career success.

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Healing Properties

Ruby is believed to have powerful healing properties, both emotionally and physically. Ruby is often used in crystal healing to alleviate body pain and circulatory issues. It is thought to help increase energy, strengthen the heart, and stimulate blood flow throughout the body.

Emotionally, ruby is considered to promote joy, laughter, passion, courage, and spontaneity. It is thought to stimulate positive dreams and the pineal gland. Ruby can aid in retaining wealth and passion in life. It encourages one to follow their bliss and supports individuals to live life fully.

Some believe that ruby has the power to remove negative energies from one’s aura and cleanse the chakras. It is thought to be especially beneficial for the root and heart chakras. By opening these chakras, ruby purportedly allows energy to flow more freely through the body. This is said to boost vitality, stamina, and overall wellbeing.

Overall, ruby is valued in crystal healing for its uplifting and invigorating properties. It is believed to stimulate passion for life, clear negative energies, amplify energy levels, strengthen the circulatory system, and promote vitality on emotional, spiritual, and physical levels.


Throughout history and across cultures, the ruby has held deep symbolic meaning and spiritual significance. This fiery red gemstone is associated with passion, prosperity, protection, and vitality.

The ruby is considered a stone of nobility, royalty, and authority. Its metaphysical properties are believed to stimulate the heart chakra, increase flow of life force energy, and bring clarity and wisdom to the wearer.

Ancient Hindus viewed the ruby as the protector of the innocent. In Buddhism, the ruby is said to help one follow the spiritual path of enlightenment. For Christians, the ruby represents the blood of Christ and divine love.

With its brilliant red color, the ruby has long been a symbol of vitality, strength, and life itself. It was believed to preserve health and youth. Many believed rubies held the power to warn of approaching danger and predict the future.

As a stone of passion, the ruby stirs the blood and stimulates the desire for life. It promotes courage, confidence, and determination. Its energy carries the gifts of wisdom, prosperity, success, and peace.

The ruby’s mystical properties and storied history make it one of the most revered gemstones. More than just a beautiful adornment, the ruby has profound meaning and continues to captivate us with its deep spiritual symbolism.

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